Chiropractic Care in Phoenix Saves The Day

Phoenix Chiropractor Relieves Running Injury

In this post I would like to highlight how easily your spine can be injured by running using worn or inferior equipment and how training shoes can have a huge impact on developing back pain and knee injuries.

As some of my regular readers may know, I have been running regularly now for around 6 months in an attempt to increase my fitness and endurance and its working! That was until the day after a 5 mile run last month when I spent several hours travelling to Arizona to visit my mother.

I wanted to warn other amateur runners like myself, to firstly ensure that  you have the correct running shoes and that they are still doing their job of support and protection in all the right places. Running shoes do not last very long in most cases and should be replaced after a 4-6 months depending on the training you are doing and the surfaces you are running on. The harder the surface is, the more often you will need to replace your shoes to maintain your foot position and support to avoid injuries.

I would like thank the wonderful people at the Chiropractic office I visited back in August this year when visiting my mother in Peoria near Phoenix, AZ.

Chiropractic – Valuable Asset for Runners

There are several ways of ensuring you have the best shoes for the job, but one of the absolute best in my opinion is by seeing a fully trained Podiatrist who is also a specialist in biomechanics and is used to treating runners such as myself. The skill is highly specialized and can be somewhat expensive but if you run regularly especially on hard surfaces, it is worth it – believe me.

After travelling from California to Phoenix and carrying some fairly light luggage, I was almost incapacitated by a sharp pain in my right lower back. This was a short time after getting off the plane and left me in a great deal of discomfort. The pain continued into the evening despite some strong  medication, so there was no alternative but to seek some professional specialist help.

My extended family  are located all around Phoenix and my mother is in Peoria and I was lucky enough to find a great Chiropractic office only a short distance from my family in Fletcher Heights, who were able to see me at very short notice.

Chiropractic Care in Peoria, Phoenix

After a thorough assessment with the doctor, she informed me that my running shoes had probably stopped doing their job as well as they should and this had lead to strain being placed on my pelvic joints leading to pain and inflammation.  After some gentle work on my low back and couple of adjustments which were thankfully not uncomfortable, I was sent home for the evening with an ice pack to reduce the inflammation.

The resident Podiatrist was able to see me the following day and confirmed the Chiropractor’s suspicion. After six months of training, my not so cheap running shoes had indeed given up the ghost and needed replacement.

After a couple of days and another treatment, I was pain free and able to return home to California albeit with some anxiety how I would feel after the plane ride. This was unfounded and I felt almost back to normal despite the cramped economy seating.

So, the lesson here is if you are a runner, or a sports person that takes their training and health seriously make sure you have the correct footwear and that it is doing what it should.

Chiropractic care is also extremely beneficial for all sports people and can prevent episodes such as the one I encountered. If you live or are visiting anywhere near Phoenix and are looking for a caring and highly professional Peoria chiropractor, I can’t recommend the whole team at Fletcher Heights Chiropractic highly enough. Thanks guys, you were amazing I really appreciate your kind attention and excellent care.

Marsha Dellahart